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In 1976, at 13 years of age, I picked up my sister’s abandoned guitar because, at age 16 she had a boyfriend and no use for a guitar. Teenage relationships tend to end a lot music careers prematurely! I locked myself in my room with her piles of once used mimeographed song sheets and chord charts. Somehow, after six months of non-harmonic torture, a recognizable sound began to emerge. Songs of Denver, Chapin, Dylan, Simon, and Taylor began to take life. Soon Young, Henley, Buffet, and Prine followed. Then, I got good enough to play with friends. However, not being a Southern Rocker or a stoner, my solo career evolved.

I’ve pretty much played my own music, my own way for forty years now. In that time, I have developed both good and bad habits, I always play my own bass line, while playing a kinda sorta using a Travis style finger method. However, seldom playing with a group, I got lousy rhythm! I had no drummer to beat me into submission. Somehow, tho, the music comes forth.Not too shabby either!

I started writing my own songs and music at 17. Through the years, I’ve become comfortable with myself, my voice and my style. I am a lousy pretender. This album is about an accurate representation and a declaration of me as there could be.

Twenty years ago, I came to know Jesus for who He really is. His drastic influence in my life greatly changed my outlook and my music. In every song on my first album Faith and Family Matters there is some reference or direct teaching of the Lord! Didn’t plan it that way. It just is.

The only pre-salvation song on Faith and Family Matters is Tropical Depression which I wrote back in 1990 sitting on a picnic table at West Harbor Apartments in Macon, Ga. directly across the cove from what is now the Fish and Pig restaurant. That old heart ache song is where I was. Praise God, it is not where I am today.

Every song recorded on Faith and Family Matters is either a song of the reality of my faith or a true family story!

For years these boxer shorts creations have laid dormant in my mind. Occasionally, they are brought out with a few friends or at my restaurant. I truly do not know what to expect from my compilation. I just know that they are good enough to leave my couch and have there shot at life. When the dust settles, maybe all I will have is part of a legacy for my kids. I’m okay with that. Or, like my lyrics in Big Dreamer says, “Don’t judge your life by what you’ve seen. Let Me stir in you’re bigger dreams. Just don’t forget to dream those dreams with Me.”

Yes, I will always strive to dream WITH God, and not just about Him!

I hope you enjoy these songs like have,

Scott H Long

By the way, my sister later picked her guitar back up and is writing music, too!!

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